Project status:


Lead organisation:

Riwaq Centre for Architectural Conservation

Grant award:

£1.2 million

Project summary:

In the West Bank and Gaza, both built heritage and cultural practices are endangered due to ongoing conflict and instability.

The grant has been awarded to restore and preserve significant Palestinian tangible and intangible heritage across three historic centres in the West Bank: Qalandiya, Kafr’Aqab and Beit Hanina, as well as in Gaza.

These processes will be documented and supported by a heritage training programme for young architects and transformed spaces will be adapted for reuse as community centres to be led by cultural organisations.

Collaborations at a regional and international level will support the creation of new records of traditional practices, provide new opportunities for knowledge exchange and showcase Palestinian cultural heritage to global audiences.

A building in the Dar Deimes historic compound
The Dar Deimes historic compound before restoration
A young girl restoring part of a wall
Young architects being trained in restoration
A young girl writing on a clipboard