Project status:


Lead organisation:

Cultural Emergency Response


Cultural Emergency Response is running this project in partnership with Daw'an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation.

Grant award:


Project summary:

The Governor's HQ and former British Resident Advisor's Complex in Mukalla has been subject to looting, arson and abandonment as well as wilful destruction by al-Qaeda in 2015. To restore it appropriately, the site needs to be rehabilitated through traditional methods of Hadrami earth construction in mud, brick and stone.

The grant has been awarded to restore the building, document the Hadrami construction methods and upskill the local community who will help restore the site.

The building, surrounding areas and traditional building practices will be safeguarded. Local engagement, including exhibitions and workshops, will encourage the local community to preserve their cultural heritage into the future.

A man repairing and laying floorboards
Local craftspeople carrying out restoration work on the Governor's HQ Complex in Mukalla 
A small group of men carrying out repair work