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Megawra is running this project in partnership with The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA), Mansour for Architecture and Conservation and 10Tooba.

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Yahya al-Shabih and Safiyy al-Din Jawhar, a medieval shrine and dome situated in Cairo, are at risk due to the effects of climate change related damage. This includes material loss, erosion and critical cracks because of groundwater rise, temperature differentials, rain and pollution. The shrine was closed after it developed serious structural cracks and sinkholes.

The grant has been awarded to conserve these historical sites through restoration and build local capacity to protect heritage through on-site training.

The sites will be conserved through a programme of on-site training, workshops and community outreach, where 200 professionals and technicians will learn techniques to protect heritage from climate change.

They will be re-opened for communities to enjoy, and ongoing urban greening climate change action projects will provide opportunities for local women and children to further engage with the sites.

A man looking at a damaged wall
Damage assessment taking place at one of the buildings being restored in historic Cairo
A small group of people looking at a damaged wall