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Archive Nepal


Kathalaya Inc.; Uday Raj Aaley

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The Kusunda Language is a distinct and critically endangered language spoken fluently by just a few remaining individuals in Bagmati Province, Nepal. The language represents a link to the past for the remaining Kusunda people and has unusual characteristics, including the absence of words for ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The language is therefore irreplaceable if it is lost.

The language is at risk of dying out as more Kusunda people move away from the area and lose connection to this important piece of their heritage due to the impact of climate change on their livelihoods and way of life. 

Through courses for students at local secondary schools and the development of an online learning programme, Archive Nepal and partners hope to increase the speakership of this language and will promote the language further through the production of dual language Nepali and Kusunda books for children.


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