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Lead organisation:

Institute of Development Studies


The Institute of Development Studies is running this project in partnership with Refcemi, The University of Duhok, Coptic Apostolic Church of Al Minya and Diocese of El Qussia.

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Project summary:

The diverse heritage of Christian minorities in Syria and Iraq, and Coptic communities in Egypt, continues to be threatened due to the effects of conflict and subsequent displacement of individuals, leading to loss of traditions and knowledge of intangible cultural heritage.

The grant has been awarded to train young participants in digital archiving and data preservation to safeguard this endangered heritage.

A breadth of heritage will be captured, including dialects, oral histories, interviews, photos and videos which represent traditions in dance, language, festivals, feasts, music and pilgrimages.

Christian and Coptic minority heritage will be valued and preserved so it can live on in future generations, while strengthening and building relationships within the communities. Young people across Syria, Iraq and Egypt will gain skills in heritage documentation and protection.

Two male academics from the Institute of Coptic Studies
Academics from the Institute of Coptic Studies in Egypt with an example of the type of Coptic heritage that will be protected by the Middle East People’s Culture Conservation Collective project