Project status:


Lead organisation:

Première Urgence Internationale


Première Urgence Internationale is running this project in partnership with The French Biblical School of Archaeology of Jerusalem, Centre for Trust Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Strasbourg, The Italian Association for Furthering the Value of Archaeology and Ancient History, The University of Palestine, Islamic University of Gaza.

Grant award:

£1.4 million

Project summary:

Heritage sites in the Gaza Strip – including the recently discovered Roman Necropolis of Ard-al-Moharibeen, the Mosaic of Al Bureij (a mosaic pavement considered to date back to the 5th-7th century) and the Saint Hilarion Monastery – are at risk due to ongoing conflict and instability.

The grant has been awarded to implement several preventative and emergency interventions to protect this vital archaeological and built heritage.

The project will improve the sustainability of and access to these sites through a combination of archaeological rescue initiatives and restorative measures. An impressive heritage training programme and a variety of engagement opportunities will engage local communities.

An oral history training programme will enable young people in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank to develop new skills in heritage protection and a cultural exchange programme between young Syrians and Gazans will support new regional collaboration.

A young girl having her face painted
Members of the local community participate in an event in Gaza
A group of boys performing a dance
A woman looking at a collection of paintings
A woman using a sewing machine
A woman doing a craft activity