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The University of the West of England


The University of the West of England is running this project in partnership with Durham University, Institut National du Patrimoine de Tunisie, Department of Antiquities of Libya, Azzaytuna University, Institut superieur Des Arts et Métiers de Tataouine (Association du Ksour), Aran NKabaw Foundation for Restoration of Ancient Buildings, Association Chenini pour la responsabilité sociale and Ecole Nationale d'Architecture et Urbanisme.

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Project summary:

The Imazighen language, craft and architecture are at risk due to ongoing conflict, minority oppression, and consequent emigration out of the region.

Increasing temperatures and drought threaten the integrity of the unique Imazighen architecture, which is cut into the mountains of Tatouine and Nafusa.

The grant has been awarded to document Imazighen intangible heritage, and restore and protect two ancient, fortified granaries. There has already been significant damage to the structures from conflict, a decline in the traditional skills required to maintain and conserve them and further threats faced by the effects of climate change.

Alongside the restoration of these unique buildings, a programme documenting and reviving local craft and skills associated with the community will support the development of female-led local businesses.

Tataouine, Tunisia
Tataouine, Tunisia. Image credit: Shutterstock