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Lead organisation:

Cooperazione Internazionale Sud Sud (CISS)


Cooperazione Internazionale Sud Sud is running this project in partnership with University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) and Recanati e Restauro (ReR).

Grant award:


Project summary:

The Dar Al-Saada Dome, an important example of Mamluk masonry and architecture in Gaza, has been damaged due to ongoing conflict in the region.

Rare manuscripts from the library of the 13th century Great Omari Mosque, which mark an invaluable resource for academics and the local community, need urgent conservation work and secure display and storage facilities.

The grant has been awarded to restore the Dar Al-Saada Dome of the mosque, conserve the manuscript collection and provide training, outreach and educational activities.

The restored dome will be adapted for reuse as a multi-purpose cultural centre and will also offer a safe environment for the manuscripts from the Great Omari Mosque, which will undergo conservation as part of a specialised training programme for local conservators.

Local skills in restoration, conservation and documentation will be strengthened with the aim of continuing the protection of this heritage beyond the project.

A man looking at a bolt of material
A conservator selects the restoration material for manuscripts being preserved as part of the project