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Sakiya – Research and Experimental Development


Sakiya is running this proejct in partnership with the Masahat Cooperative Association for Arts and Culture.

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Project summary:

The Sakiya cultural heritage site is located on a rewilded hillside in Ein Qiniya, a village 7km west of Ramallah.

Tangible and intangible cultural heritage at the site in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is at risk of loss due to ongoing conflict and instability.

This project will support the ongoing rehabilitation and preservation of the site, through research, documentation and restoration of its ancient Ayyubid architectural features and the associated mythologies, rituals and practices.

An established education and cultural programme will give the local community opportunities to participate in the creation of visual and performance pieces and to learn new skills in traditional building methods, heritage management and protection.

Sakiya is an active and important space for local communities, and the project will enhance and celebrate its material and social value and efforts to safeguard its natural and ancient features for future generations.