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Kara-Tunga Foundation

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The Ik community in North East Uganda has a unique language and culture that is under threat due to marginalisation and displacement through conflict and climate change.

Along with the language comes a whole set of stories and myths that have helped the community give meaning to the world they live in. These stories also give guidance on how to become, and what it means to be, a productive Ik community member.

Through a process of cultural marginalisation these stories and myths – as well as the language in which they are expressed – are rarely passed over to the younger generation as it no longer considers them essential to their economic well-being.

This project aims to protect the cultural identity of the Ik community through documentation, community engagement and training.

A local artist will be brought in to draw Ik community stories and myths and present them in the community's native language. These drawings will then be used in schools and as an attraction at the mountain-top tourist site where the Ik community lives.