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The Likikiri Collective


The Likikiri Collective is running this project in partnership with the British Library Sound Archives, SOAS School of Arts - Department of Music, British Institute for Eastern Africa (BIEA), Community Development Centre in Arua, Uganda and SheLeads Kakuma.

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This project will work with South Sudanese communities displaced to Uganda and Kenya due to conflict and climate change.

The impact of years of war and communal conflicts has been compounded by the onset of climate disasters such as floods and drought, forcing many South Sudanese to find refuge in neighbouring countries.

The consequent displacement and adaptation to a new setting has disrupted the passing down of intangible cultural heritage such as languages, rituals, social practices and song traditions, threatening the viability of a large corpus of South Sudanese women's creative production.

Through their induction into the Likikiri Heritage Lab, young women from four communities – Kakwa and Avokaya in Uganda and Dinka and Nuer in Kenya – will become storytellers, scribes and custodians of elder women's songs through the making of a multimedia archive. These young women will identify, explore, curate and preserve songs from five moments in their elder's life cycle.

Partner organisations will share the skills and knowledge of documentation, archiving and media production with the participants, allowing them to safeguard their cultural heritage for future generations.

An illustration of the Likikiri story circle